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Recipe: Pickled Mussel Salad

Recipe:  Pickled Mussel Salad

We have already talked about the benefits of mussels, and now we will replenish the vitamin reserve. We will cook an incredibly tasty, healthy and light salad of pickled mussels. You have never cooked so fast, and the result will please even the most sophisticated gourmet.

You need:

– pickled mussels – 200 g (depending on your preferences, you can use mussels in oil, mussels in oil with spices, smoked mussels in oil or mussels in a salt fill of SKADI brand)

– quail eggs – 6 pcs.

– red onion – 0.5 pcs.

– cucumber – 1 pc.

– radish – 4 pcs.

– salad mix

– olive oil – 2 tbsp.

– French mustard in grains – 2 tbsp.

– lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

– greenery

Now let’s start cooking:

  • Boiled quail eggs must be shelled and cut in half along

  • Slice radish and cucumber into rings, and red onion into half rings

  • For dressing, combine olive oil, French mustard seeds and lemon juice

  • Put a mix of salads in a bowl, add chopped vegetables and mix

  • Put mussels and quail eggs on the top. Pour dressing, add greens, salt and pepper to taste

The salad is ready. You can serve both in a large salad bowl, and in portioned plates.

Bon appetite and be healthy! Cook with us – please yourself and your family with new and unusual dishes!

And do not forget to write us your recipes)