About company

“Vohni Hestii” started its activities in 2009 with a little smokehouse in Zhytomyr. The slogan of our enterprise is “Traditions of quality and taste”.

In a relatively short period of time, the enterprise has taken a leading position in the Ukrainian fish processing industry and has become quite famous among consumers and partners.

The technological production process of fish products and seafood at the enterprise “Vohni Hestii” is organized using best practices and the most modern developments of world leaders in the fish processing industry. We use smoking chambers, tunnel kilns, thermoforming vacuum machines, automatic slicers, conveyor systems of leading world brands: TERMO-PAK, REX-POL, MULTIVAC, WEBOMATIC, FOMACO, DEKO, FRIMAG, etc.

“Vohni Hestii” proposes a wide range of fish and seafood to every taste: various preserves, hot and cold smoked fish, dried fish, balyks of salmon and trout, shrimps, mussels.

From the wide range of the enterprise, the TM “Skadi” is especially stands out for its refinement and perfection, in the assortment of which is presents: slightly salty pink salmon and trout, shrimps, mussels with different sauces, herring, mackerel, laminaria, etc.

To date, the enterprise “Vohni Hestii” is:

  • 4000 m2 of production area;
  • More than 230 highly skilled specialists;
  • Fresh high quality raw materials from leading manufacturers;
  • Tight control of incoming raw materials;
  • The production with quality management system and product safety according to the standards of DSTU ISO 22000: 2007; DSTU ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Modern high-tech equipment with the usе of the most modern production technologies;
  • Production capacity by processing of raw materials: over 500 tons per month; on average 6000 tons per year;
  • Over 150 product names, including the TM “Skadi” and TM “Vohni Morya”;
  • Production under the TM “Premia”, “Povna Chasha” and “Extra!” for one of the largest retailers in Ukraine – “Fozzy Group”.