“Vohni Hestii” – the lead producer of fish and seafood in Ukraine. We are always open to partnerships and offer cooperation in Ukraine in such main areas:

Distribution of the company’s products

We are seeking to further effective development and invite distributors to cooperate.

Direct sales

We are actively working with large retail networks of Ukraine. Our products are represented in the supermarkets “Silpo”, “Fozzy”, “Novus”, “MegaMarket”. We invite retail partners to cooperate.


One of our areas of activity – is production of own trademarks for retail chains.
Our company has been working with the Private Label format for more than nine years; it has working mechanisms for the production according to the individual customer requests. Our permanent partners are as example of efficiently work in this direction. We fruitfully cooperate with such leaders of Ukrainian retail as “Fozzy Group” and produce for them under the trademarks “Premia”, “Povna Chasha”, “Extra!”


Working with us, you get:

  • Individual cooperation program with each partner;
  • Product quality, which is guaranteed and confirmed by voluntary certification and test results in the independent laboratories in Ukraine and abroad;
  • A wide range of products that fully covers the market demand;
  • Efficient and operational logistics;
  • The choice of the packaging type for fish products.
  • Plastic container

    Plastic container

    for food products of different shapes, sizes and colors.

  • Vacuum-packing


    Vacuum packaging – a progressive way of protecting various products.

    For this, around the product is created air-free space, completely eliminates the proliferation of harmful aerobic microorganisms. Vacuum packaging can provide a number of benefits. Protecting food from moisture, dust, synthesis of organic layers (bacteria and microorganisms), as well as extending the shelf life and suitability of the goods, ensures sterility.

  • Packing thermoforming

    Packing thermoforming

    The packaging of this type has several advantages, it reliably protects products

    from the influence of factors of the environment, dirt, dust, foreign garbage, penetration of moisture, water. The consumer receives the product in its pristine fresh form, preserves all the nutritional properties, the smell and the natural color of the products.

  • Skin-Packing


    In order to make a vacuum skin pack, a special film is used which, after sealing,

    covers the product and closes the entire surface of the packaging as a “second skin”, preserving the shape, texture and integrity of the product, ensuring its excellent appearance and allowing a significant lengthening of the shelf life of the product. Vertical, horizontal or hanging placement is possible.