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Cold smoked mackerel. Production Features

Cold smoked mackerel. Production Features

Mackerel is one of the most common fish, well known to everyone. Due to its features and low bone content, this fish took pride of place in our diet. Cold smoked mackerel can often be seen both on the daily menu and on holidays, as it is an excellent snack. This delicacy has a spicy taste, flavour and mix well with many vegetables.

In addition, mackerel, even smoked, is rich in vitamins and amino acids. It contains vitamins A, E, D in high concentration. Among the trace elements necessary for the body, there is calcium, magnesium, iodine. Thanks to this, mackerel has many useful properties:

  • Activates metabolism and improves the functioning of the digestive tract

  • Has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, prevents the formation of blood clots

  • Strengthens the nervous system and helps to cope with depression

  • Strengthens immunity

  • Increases hemoglobin in the blood and normalizes cholesterol

  • Has positive effect on memory and concentration

  • It is the prevention of cancer

And now we want to share with you the process of producing cold smoked mackerel at our factory LLC “Hestia’s Lights” (VH-fish):

1) Incoming inspection. The quality of raw materials is strictly controlled and checked. Only high-quality fish is allowed for production.

2) Defrosting

3) Salt pickling according to the recipe

4) Smoking. Exceptionally natural wood chips are used for smoking.

5) Packaging and labeling

You can buy our fish by weight in Silpo, Fora, Fozzy chain shops. Look for the manufacturer LLC “Vohni Hestii” VH-fish!  Enjoy cold smoked mackerel! And most importantly – stay healthy!