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The legeng of «Skadi» brand name

The legeng of «Skadi» brand name

Skadi – is protectoress of haunting, skier, a wife of a god Njord and the daughter of a giant Thiazi in Scandinavian mythology. Gods killed her father, who stole rejuvenating apples of Idunn, and Skadi, putting on helmet and chainmail, came to their fortress for a revenge. Refusing gold, she wished, gods made her laugh and marry off. Agreed that she will choose the husband by his legs.

Mistakenely thinking, that the most gallant legs definitely should be owned by son of Odin – Baldar, Skadi made choice, but it were Njord legs, the sea god from vans. Loki made Skadi laugh, tying a goat’s beard to its reproductive organs. Soon after they living together, newlyweds decided to live separately, because Skadi liked mountains and wolves rather then sea and swans – the home of Njiord. However she came to see him periodically, and when gods finally catched Loki – killer of Skadi`s father, confined he at a cave, namely Skadi, still hasn`t forgiven him the death of her father, hung over Loki’s head a snake, from whose teeth it was constantly dripping poison.

It is interesting to note that the name Skadi is found in the oldest Scandinavian place names. Some researchers believe that the name “Scandinavia” comes from this name.