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Recipe: Poke Bowl with Chuka Salad and Salmon

Recipe: Poke Bowl with Chuka Salad and Salmon

Have you ever dreamed about a vacation in Hawaii? We offer you to feel being on the shores of these islands and try a dish of local cuisine – Poke Bowl with Chuka Salad and Salmon. Yes Yes! You heard that right! No matter how sophisticated and orientally this dish looks like, the Poke Bowl (literally  “cut into dice”) was created on the shores of Hawaii.

For cooking you will need:

– slightly salted trout or salmon – 200 g (you need to use salmon or trout of our production “Vohni Hestii – VH-fish”)

– boiled shrimps

– Chuka seaweed salad – 150 g (you need to use the salad of SKADI brand, produced by “- VH-fish”)

– boiled round-grain rice – 250 g

– avocado – 1 pc.

– rice vinegar – 20 ml

– sesame oil – 15 ml

– lemon juice – to taste

– chili pepper – to taste

– sesame seeds – to taste

Let’s start cooking:

  • Cut salmon or trout into dice, about 1×1 cm. Cut the avocado in the same way.

  • Peel boiled shrimps

  • Make sauce: mix rice vinegar, sesame oil and lemon juice

  • Mix warm boiled rice with sauce and put it into a bowl

  • On the top put Chuka, shrimps, chopped red fish, avocado and salt to taste

  • Add a few rings of chili pepper and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds at will

Now you can enjoy our exotic dish! The original recipe is with the classic Chuka, but you can vary and add something special using other Chuka salads of SKADI brand.

Enjoy your meal!

Cook according to our recipes and share your impressions)