Recipe: Salmon Lavash Wrap

Recipe:  Salmon Lavash Wrap

We continue our rubric of tasty and healthy recipes. This time we suggest you to cook Salmon Lavash Wrap. Our dish is incredibly simple, it is cooked quickly and the taste will surprise you.


– lightly salted trout or salmon (cold smoked) – 200 g (you need to use fish of our production “Vohni Hestii – VH-fish”)

– cream cheese – 200 g

– Armenian lavash

– lettuce

– cucumbers – 2-3 pcs.

– spring onions

Let’s start cooking:

1) Cut salmon or trout into pieces

2) Cut cucumbers into small sticks

3) Finely chop spring onions

4) Spread cream cheese on lavash

5) Put lettuce, chopped cucumbers, green onions and pieces of red fish on the top, salt and pepper to taste

6) Tightly roll the lavash.

So our healthy and tasty snack is ready! It  took a few minutes)

You can cook such a dish not only at home. This recipe is  indispensable for picnics and meetings outdoors!

Enjoy your meal! And be healthy!

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