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Our safety measures at the manufacturing – the key to your health!

Our safety measures at the manufacturing – the key to your health!

We have always taken care of the safety of our products, and now we control it even more strictly, so we follow the technological discipline, use ingredients and packaging materials only if there are permits from approved suppliers.

We are a socially responsible company, so in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of food production under quarantine we have made the following steps:

  1. We have raised the awareness among the staff so that they can take the situation in the country and the world objectively.

  2. We conduct surveys on a regular basis about the health of employees at all levels and make every effort to create and maintain a healthy, trusting atmosphere in the team.

  3. The official information of Ukraine’s Ministry of Health on COVID-19  is placed on our announcement boards.

  4. We control the staff’s body temperature at the entrances with the help of contactless thermometers.

  5. We have equipped additional points of hand disinfection at entrances and in the production area.

  6. We have provided sufficient protection to our staff.

  7. We carry out additional measures to ensure the sanitary and hygienic condition of both production and amenity spaces

Take care of yourself. Choose uncompromising quality and support yourself with Omega-3 and something tasty.

Be healthy! And don’t deny yourself of the pleasure to eat fish or seafood, because we cooked it for you!