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Let’s talk about mussels!

Let’s talk about mussels!

People have begun to eat mussels since ancient times. The relatively low price and excellent taste of mussels made these shellfish a popular dish on our table.

Mussels are an incredibly healthy product! They contain a lot of vitamins in large quantities – A, B, E, PP, C, as well as iron, selenium, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, arginine, valine, lysine, leucine, tryptophan, high-quality protein and many other elements . This is an excellent dietary dish due to the lack of carbohydrates and low fat content (from 71 kcal (in salt) to 442 kcal (in oil) per 100 g of product).

Here are some of the beneficial properties that mussels have on the human body:

  • They strengthen immunity and help to keep the whole body toned

  • They contribute to the improvement of the digestive system and circulatory system

  • They are a preventive measure for many diseases, and also reduce the risk of developing cancer

  • They improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails, help to improve  eyesight

  • They contribute to the acceleration of cell and bone tissue regeneration, make teeth whiter, due to the high level of calcium and phosphorus

  • They have positive affect on the  of the nervous system functioning, stimulate brain activity

  • Increase potency due to the high content of zinc

  • They have beneficial effect on the female body, stimulate the production of female hormones.

“VH-fish” factory has a wide range of mussels for every taste!

Our brand SKADI has mussels in oil, in oil with spices, smoked mussels in oil, mussels in spicy sauce, and for those who monitor calories – mussels in salt, without oil.

Look for our mussels on the shelves of the nearest supermarkets of the Silpo chain and you can also buy them by weight!

Remember, pay attention and look for the manufacturer LLC “Vohni Hestii”.

You have never tried tastier mussels – we know what we say!