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Is it allowed to eat fish and seafood during Lent?

Is it allowed to eat fish and seafood during Lent?

The Great Lent began on March 2 and will last until April 18 – this time is useful for both spiritual and physical health, and taking into the consideration that the Covid-19 virus has spread around, it’s worth taking the opportunity to strengthen the immunity. Many Ukrainian restrict their diet strictly during Lent. But the diet should be formed carefully to meet Easter healthy.

Thus, one of the tips “It wouldn’t be good without fish

Even during Lent there are several days when you can eat fish. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t eat fish, for various reasons, at all. But the regular consumption of oily sea fish (herring, mackerel, salmon, trout) provides the brain, heart and blood vessels with Omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acids and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Seafood is also recommended. There is no a clear position regarding seafood. Some people believe that mussels, shrimps and other seafood can be eaten during the whole period of Lent, while others believe that only on the Annunciation and Palm Sunday.

Laminaria, chuka and other seaweed are very healthy and will enrich your body with Omega-3  during the fasting.

Therefore, our VH-fish factory offers to strengthen your body.

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Seafood – mussels with spices, lemon in oil.

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Marinated seaweed salad “Chuka” – with carrots, celery, wasabi sauce, ginger.

Fish – trout and salmon, herring fillet, herring, mackerel, sprat.

Let your fasting be tasty and you healthy! Take care of yourself and your family.

Do you follow fasting? What is your favorite fish and seafood? Write us)