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During the quarantine, when it seems that the world has stopped, there are people who continue to work for other people.

They come to work, fulfill all their functions, even in conditions of increased security, so that Ukrainians could continue to enjoy fresh food and thus support their health.

Today, the hero of our day is Iryna Melnyk, a team member of the fish processing enterprise “Vohni Hestii”.

Irina doesn’t say very much and doesn’t like too much attention. For her, the quality of work is more important. However, we managed to persuade her to share her thoughts.

«Honestly, after the news about quarantine, I was scared for a moment: What will happen further? Will I have a job? Many enterprises have stopped – will it happen with us, too?

Fortunately, our management took care of their employees on time. From the beginning, we had all the necessary equipment for personal protection and the confidence in the safety of our enterprise. The work at our factory didn’t stop even for a day. We work as usual and treat Ukrainian tasty and healthy fish.

We worried that enhanced security measures and constant monitoring would cause stress and some tension. But, circumstances united our already friendly team even more. Even through the masks and distance, we see each other’s smiling eyes, and it is encouraging. ”

We are grateful to Ms. Iryna and all the employees of the “Vohni Hestii” who continue to work for others. As long as the whole world remains at home, they continue to give our consumers only the most delicious seafood and fish!

Here they are, the heroes of our time: they make their contributions conscientiously and sometimes quietly. Tell us about your hero, join a flash mob and publish your stories #героїмогодня